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One art: spirit expression, nature rules…


Since 2009 Mengucci has been exploring technology to augment performance producing several shows where music, poetry and digital magic are mixed in a kind of cabaret show based on words in slam mode. The slam activity and posture are the source of the poems that are at the core of this type of show. The collaboration with Francisco Medeiros has been key to the developement of these performances, introducing much of the technology used for digital interaction.

At the same time the LabIO worked on residences that allowed multiple interactions between several artists.

“Life Is Full Of Color” at Festival da Nova Poesia – Musa, Sintra (Nov 2014)


Cor&Som at La Fratta, Rimini (Dec 2014) – with Massimo Modula (digital painting www.massimomodula.com) and Giacomo De Paoli (artcraft percussions)


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