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The LabIO (Laboratory for Interaction and Orality) is an artistic and educational project that mixes technology, science and arts. It organizes regular Poetry Slam, performances and residences. It started in 2010 along with the newborn slam movement in Lisbon organized by the group PoetrySlamLisboa. Inspired by the work of La Fabrique du Macadam it involved more digital interactive research for performance by Mick Mengucci and Francisco Medeiros. It became active in research and collaborated with Faculdade de Ciencia e Tecnologia in the project Seeing Through Sound producing the SonarX and with University of Sussex, Synesthesia department producing the Synestheatre.

Though technology and art of orality belong to apparently separated fields, at LabIO these creative activities combine in live performances, workshops and poetry slam events. Many slammers and artists contributed to the start and evolution of the project.

LabIO SLAM is actually run by Mick Mengucci, João Meirinhos and Marinho Pina.

WORKSHOPS The LabIO workshops stimulate creativity in many fields and the main idea is to start from oral poetry to trigger inspiration and creation also in other forms of art, like music and digital performances. They are independent but can be combined to create a spoken word performance.

PERFORMANCE The performance activity is the final focus of the whole project

INTALLATIONS While the performance declares the main actors and need them to be active, the installation is a set up that allow any visitor to interact with it. They involve audio/video and sensors interaction.

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